MFKZT is a four-part series inspired by the self-titled LP “Buy Muy Drugs” (Denmark Vessey x Azarias) that explores the mythology surrounding a real-life wonder drug known  as “Monatomic Gold”.

True believers trace it’s history through medieval alchemists, Old Testament Hebrews, renegade Egyptian priests, all the way back to ancient Babylonians serving alien masters.

The modern incarnation of the magical white powder was first popularized by an Arizona farmer in the late-80s, but has since taken root across the internet with fellow travelers of New Age conspiracy theories. They claim the right recipe will trigger the next phase of human evolution and you can literally have it delivered by Amazon.

The vision was to create a cinematic experience that feels like a late-night Youtube wormhole. It’s a comment on the ways communities of belief build meaning through internet mythology and presents MFKZT as a metaphor for the various totems consumer society fetishizes as stand-ins for god.